Target the TOPR

Test, Organise, Practise, Reflect

Please watch these videos as an introduction to Target the TOPR as both a general principle as well as a subject specific exam preparation strategy.

The TOPR method revolves around three areas

TEST, this is purely a stage to identify strengths and weaknesses.

ORGANISE, in this stage, students develop their understand and their notes whilst developing links between pieces of information.

once the organisation phase is finished, students then should move onto the PRACTICE phase. this is where students tackle exam questions either specific to a topic area or, when appropriate, whole past Papers.

To support with planning this time in a motivational way, we have developed a Revision Planner which is shared here as a downloadable file. Please note that this is in a beta test phase which we would value feedback on. If you do use this revision planner, please do let me know on

Subject Signposting Documents

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