The Learning Journey

We are committed to providing consistently high quality teaching and learning and the means for delivering this is encapsulated in our Learning Journey model. We are also committed to ensuring our curriculum provides a coherent framework for progression within, between and beyond subjects – a curriculum through which the students develop the knowledge, skills and conceptual understanding they need to successfully progress to their next step. The Learning Journey is how we teach in Warlingham.  The Learning Journey simplifies and condenses the large wealth of research into effective classroom practice around four key areas.

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Sharing the destination in order to gain clarity on the end points in the curriculum. 

Checking starting points allows the gaps to be closed.

Stepping stones allow students to remember and to practice. 

Checking arrival celebrates success and informs next steps. 

Share the destination

Check Starting Points

Stepping Stones

Checking Arrival

Rosenshine and the Learning Journey

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